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Mr. Grace Strikes Again!


This is what happens when Mr. Grace edits a website.


Welcome to, the home of Author Grace R. Duncan!

Um, well, it should be. Instead, go here to her Amazon Author page for now becauuuuuuuse…

I, Mr. Grace, bless my heart, broke the website. Again. Yeah, this is what happens when you decide to bathe your Tasmanian Devil/Poodle (Tasmadoodle! Patent Pending) named Daisy in the same house as the server, living next door to a nuclear arms facility.

But, do not fear! Once my arms are attached, and the world recovers from a 300,000 degree baptism by nuclear fire, repairing the site will go wayyyy faster. Right now I’m using my teeth and a chopstick to type this, and for layouts, while we wait on my cybernetic limbs! Which should only be around a few decades or a few centuries, depending on when the human race advances to bleeding edge, much less working and non-radioactive, technology again.

Right now it’s more Mad Max: Fury Road and less Cyberpunk 2077  (Go watch Edgerunners on Netflix – awesome CP 2077 story-while you wait for the site. Also probably the entire MCU collection through to Endgame) out there and while Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron)

Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), from Mad Max: Fury Road, looking pretty damned awesome!
Furiosa. Lethal. And the top half of her head can disappear in dark rooms!

looks totally awesome with that mech prosthetic… Well, you get it 😉

I mean, a website doesn’t work too well when all you can do is, maybe, use Morse code with lights, banging rocks together, or smoke signals…? Maybe yelling REALLY loud in HTML/CSS?

Ahem. Grace says to move on and that I, The Forever Cursed (pronounced curs-ed because it sounds cooler) Mr. Grace – May he perish from one thousand papercuts! – have gone off the deep end with an “it’s broken, we’re fixing it” page. But I say “c’mon live a little!” She says I’m sleeping under the car tonight if I don’t stop it already.

SHHHHH, nobody tell her I clicked The Button(TM) to submit it as is!

Until later, find Grace at one of these fine locations:

Her Amazon Author Page


(Soon to be dead, courtesy of Elon) Twitter